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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

United Church | United in Love; United to Serve

United to Serve

We found United Church in University Place, and Pastor Jen (Jennifer Walters) one day when randomly walking in the neighborhood.
United Church of Christ, Open Accepting, Reconciling

The church had a rainbow flag right in it's foyer and the vibe in the entry way was awesome.  Our family was looking for a place to feel at home where all were accepted regardless of sexual orientation.  Our family came from a Catholic and Jewish background in Seattle, Washington and we have found that many progressive people from these faiths as well like us support God's Love and the message of acceptance and tolerance.   As people who have read the New Testament and the Torah and are learning Hebrew, we do not find acceptance of others inconsistent with Christian or Jewish Faith.  United Church of Christ in University Place welcomes people of all faiths and even has celebrated Passover during the Easter Holiday, as Pastor Jen believes it is important to connect Jesus to the faith of his community which he grew up in...which is Jewish,   

United Church serves two communities, one that is Methodist and one that is The United Church of Christ, a congregation that is one of the oldest in the  United States.  The Church sits next to the University Place Curran Apple Orchard and opens its parking lot to many community events.   Pastor Jen and her husband and the members exemplify the true grace that comes with loving and accepting others.   The Church was the first group to formally recognize Marriage Equality in the area and Pastor Jen even married people before formal recognition.  She is truly a person who walks in Christ's footsteps and she has a loving supportive partner in her husband Chris. 

We were present and voted on formally recognizing Marriage Equality and having the ceremony at the Church.  It was a thrilling moment to hear that the decision to formally marry couples was passed!  Sometimes people from outside the community would show up to see what United Church of Christ was about.   They would ask questions and sometimes even appear surprised that the congregation and gathering of people looked so normal ... sometimes even sedate.  All left with the idea it was a truly loving and accepting place. 

Everyone IS Welcome!